(Dec 2018-Jan 2019) HIPS is a DC-based organization that promotes the health, rights, and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by sexual exchange and/or drug use due to choice, coercion, or circumstance.

I worked with HIPS to design, plan and lead a board retreat that focused on strategic planning. I followed the retreat facilitation with a written report and advisory calls. 

Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

(Fall 2014 - Spring 2015) PATF Seeks to provide education and financing opportunities for older Pennsylvanians and people with disabilities, helping them to acquire assistive technology devices and services that improve the quality of their lives. 

I have worked with PATF to publish articles illustrating that people with disabilities can benefit from asset-building strategies that will help them join the workforce and stressing the need for agencies that serve low-income people to develop the capacity to serve people with disabilities. 

Greater Washington Community Foundation (formerly Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

(July 2015 -Sept 2017) The Community Foundation works to ensure equity, access, and opportunity for all residents in the Washington metropolitan area through encouragement and support of effective giving and leadership on critical community issues. 

I serve as coordinator for the Community Foundation's Accelerated Advancement Initiative Learning Network (AAI). AAI is a group of local workforce and education stakeholders looking to train workers and place them in good jobs.  The Learning Network is a series of peer learning meetings and conversations between local grantees, oft times including national workforce and adult education experts.  

CF Leads

(Summer 2013) CFLeads helps community foundations advance the practice of community leadership to build thriving communities. 

I served with CFLeads as a facilitator and resource team member with their Resident Engagement Community Leadership Network (RECLN). RECLN is a group of community foundations seeking to better include the residents of their service areas in their strategic planning and service delivery.

Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth

(Spring 2015) Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG)  is a regional economic development organization. It serves as a single point of entry for companies and individuals seeking to launch, expand or relocate businesses in Appalachian Ohio. 

I worked with APEG to design, plan and lead a board retreat that focused on strategic planning. 

Sample  Projects

Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB)

(May 2017-Present) Founded by local non-profits aiming to launch Individual Development Programs, CAAB uses advocacy and practice to empower low- and moderate-income residents of the Greater DC area to take control of their finances, through matched savings,tax preparation, financial capability and other wealth-building programs.   

I work with CAAB on programmatic planning and development of a universal basic income program.

District of Columbia Department of Employment Services

(Spring/Summer 2014) DOES provides comprehensive employment services to the residents of the District of Columbia to ensure a competitive workforce, full employment, lifelong learning and economic stability.

I served as a technical writer for DOES, helping them draft an On the Job Training (OJT) toolkit.  

So Others Might Eat (SOME)

(Dec 2017) SOME is an interfaith-organization that helps low-income and homeless people in Washington, DC. They provide a battery of services including food, shelter, drug rehabilitation and job training. 

I designed and led a two-day strategic-planning and training workshop for staff leaders. 

Ohio University & Rio Grande Community College

(Fall 2013) Ohio University's Voinovich School and Rio Grande Community College are working cooperatively to prepare residents of Southeast Ohio for the future economy.  

​I worked with them to form strategies to build cooperative relationships between community, business and policy leaders and better align education and training to current and future jobs.

Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)

(Jan 2017) CNCS is a federal government agency that engages over five million Americans in volunteerism through a number national service projects. 

I served as a facilitator for focus group discussions among project directors for CNCS' Senior Corps program. 


(Winter 2013-2014) RESULTS is a citizen-based advocacy group dedicated to ending hunger and the worst aspects of poverty. 

I worked with the RESULTS domestic team as they sought to define their legislative agenda for 2014 and identify long-term goals. I conducted research, produced memos and served as an advisor on conference calls as the team launched their decision-making process.

Business Consulting


Councilman Charles Allen/Hands Off DC

(Feb. 2017) Councilman Allen has sought to harness some of the energy generated by the change of Administration and subsequent protests to address concerns over protection Washington, DC's sovereignty.

I served as facilitator for a public organizational meeting where object matter experts provided information and opportunities to act to community members

Goodwill Industries International

(Winter 2014/2015) Goodwill® strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by helping people reach their full potential through education, skills training and the power of work.

I worked with GII on a qualitative analysis of a pre-paid card pilot designed to help unbanked employees more easily access their paychecks and save for the future. 

National Butterfly Center

(Mar. 2017-Aug 2017) Located in Mission, TX, the Butterfly Capital of the US, the National Butterfly Center (NBC) is a flagship project of the North American Butterfly Association. The NBC uses educational and environmental initiatives to grow connections between between people, plants, and the winged wonders that pollinate and propagate all that grows around us. 

I have worked with NBC on legislative strategy and to connect them to funding and media opportunities. 

Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group

(Sept 2013-Present)The Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group (CSG) connects, motivates and equips local leaders to build more prosperous regions and advance those living on the economic margins. CSG does so my designing and leading action-inducing peer learning among local leaders and providing them with strategic technical assistance. 

I serve as a presenter and frequent peer exchange facilitator. 

​​Skills for America's Future

(2014-2016) Skills for America's Future (SAF) is a business-led initiative, formerly based at the Aspen Institute, that seeks to promote and encourage partnerships between community colleges and employers to better match training and education to jobs. 

I planned and hosted a series of webinars for SAF providing information on opportunities for community college-employer partnerships. These partnerships will help train and place new, incumbent and displaced workers.  In addition to the webinar prep duty, I have conducted an analysis of job skills surveys for SAF and helped the initiative with website developmen

Asset Funders Network

(June 2015 - Dec 2015  ) The Asset Funders Network is an organization of national, regional and community funders strategic about using philanthropy to promote economic security and opportunity for low-income Americans.

I served as program manager for AFN's Children's Savings Account initiative. I worked with AFN members and funders to encourage them to invest in children's savings accounts.

​​Community Vision, Inc.

(June 2015) Community Vision, Inc. works to make Oregon a place where people with developmental disabilities can live, work, and thrive in whatever communities they choose. We offer a network of services -- including supported living, homeownership, asset development and employment services.

​I worked with Community Vision to develop and lead a strategic planning session with their program directors.