Meeting Planning & FacilitatioN

  • asset-building
  • board and staff development
  • diversity equity and inclusion
  • financial education
  • workforce training

Business Consulting


"I have known and worked with Mr Bryce-Laporte for over 10 years. René's intelligence, leadership, people skills, policy expertise and vision for a stronger economy provide viable solutions at the family and systemic level."

NetworkinG Assistance

Martha Wunderli

Executive Director

AAA Fair Credit 

Program Design & Management

Rene Bryce-Laporte


For over two decades, Rene has primarily worked to help disadvantaged people and communities find social and economic opportunity. He has worked with non-profit organizations, for-profit companies and government agencies to help people earn more, keep more of what they earn and grow assets for the long-term. He has helped organizations with board and staff development, strategic planning and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Over the course of his career, Rene has acquired skills, contacts and experiences that can benefit you. He is an experienced:

  • advocate
  • convener & facilitator
  • director of multi-site programs
  • program designer and manager
  • researcher & writer
  • technical assistance provider

Research & Writing


Rene has written articles, grant applications, reports and how-to guides based on his research and knowledge of various poverty-alleviation and economic development strategies.

In Time of Crisis

I can help you navigate this time of crisis. The COVID-19 emergency and the killing of George Floyd have lifted the social and economic disparities faced by low-income communities and people of color into sharp focus. Non-profit organizations, for-profit companies and government agencies alike are faced with helping affected people weather the public health and economic storm and prepare for recovery when it comes. These same stakeholders increasingly recognize the imperative to do better in terms of staff and leadership diversity, equity and inclusion. As one who has dedicated his career to these issues, I am eager and well-equipped to help.

Over 20+ years in the poverty-alleviation field, Rene has built a large professional network of advocates, funders, practitioners and researchers.  

  • Member, Board of Directors, Campaign for Youth Justice
  • Member, Board of Directors, HIPS
  • Member Board of Directors, The Bridge Lab
  • Certified, Board Source, Non-Profit Board Facilitator 

Rene is a skilled interviewer, third party facilitator and moderator, who has organized and led scores of webinars. meetings and conferences. He is experienced in all phases of effective convening.

​"Rene recently facilitated the HIPS Board retreat. We were impressed by how he engaged with us: he talked with each Board member before the meeting and created the agenda. During the meeting, he guided the conversation and got us to commit to action. We left the retreat energized and focused." 

Rene has directed multi-site programs, provided technical assistance to organizations seeking to run new programs and studied and observed many more.

Leigh Ann


Board Chair


Areas of Expertise



Executive Director

Campaign for Youth Justice


"I had the good fortune to serve several years with Mr. René Bryce-Laporte on the Board of Directors for the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and to observe first hand his commitment to social and economic justice and his knowledge and expertise relative to asset development. René is an engaged leader, a critical thinker, an informed advocate and a true and active champion for change. "
René stepped in as Treasurer of of the Board CFYJ at a critical time for the initiative. He was able to ask strategic questions that got the board to the right place at the right time.His experience as a strategic planner and consensus builder was evident. 


​​​​Yvette Murphy-Irby

Vice-Provost for Diversity & Inclusion

University of Arkansas