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On August 24th and 25th, I participated in a board meeting of the Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ). CFYJ is an initiative dedicated to ending the practice of prosecuting, sentencing and incarcerating youth under the age of 18 in the adult criminal justice system. I am honored to have been named as Chair of Finance/Development committee for this great group doing great work. 

What's New?

My client, the National Butterfly Center is fighting to keep its land, native habitat to hundreds of plant and animal species, in the face of efforts by the Trump Administration to take 2/3 of their property to build a border wall. I have been working with them to connect with media and elected officials to make their case to the public. NBC Executive Director Marianna Trevino Wright has been featured in a number of news pieces including these stories from NPR's  Morning Edition and the Washington Post.  

On August 30th, I participated in the final meeting of the Accelerating Advancement Initiative (AAI) Network- a project of the Greater Washington Community Foundation. AAI is a workforce training/adult education peer exchange group designed to match the regional skill needs of employers and training needs of workers. For the last two years I served as the moderator/coordinator for the group as they discussed issues surrounding the recruitment, training and placement of workers.  

On June 1st and 2nd, I served as a resource person/facilitator for the first meeting of the Rural Economic Development Philanthropy Innovator's Network.  While I spent some time with each of the network teams, I worked mostly closely with this stellar group from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, as they developed plans to address the needs of their growing and diversifying community. 

Trevino Wright with brush cutters left on NBC property by federal contractors. 

"I’ve had the good fortune to serve several years with Mr. René Bryce-Laporte on the Board of Directors for the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation and to observe first hand his commitment to social and economic justice and his knowledge and expertise relative to asset development. René is an engaged leader, a critical thinker, an informed advocate and a true and active champion for change. "

​​Yvette Murphy-Irby

University of Arkansas





"René's experience and knowledge about the issue areas we worked on, including workforce development, public-private partnerships, and low-income issues, were evident. His passion for helping people succeed and increasing opportunity for those less fortunate was also inspiring."

Rene Bryce-Laporte


For 20 years, I have worked to help low- and moderate-income Americans find social and economic opportunity. I have helped people earn more, keep more of what they earn and build assets for the long-term. Over the course of my career, I have acquired skills, contacts and experiences that can benefit you. I am an experienced:

  • advocate
  • convener
  • director of multi-site programs
  • facilitator (Member, Mid-Atlantic Facilitator's Network. Board Source Certified Non-Profit Board Facilitator)
  • program designer and manager
  • technical assistance provider
  • writer

Martha Wunderli

Utah IDA Network 

"I have known and worked with Mr Bryce-Laporte for over 10 years. René's intelligence, leadership, people skills, policy expertise and vision for a stronger economy provide viable solutions at the family and systemic level."


  • asset-building
  • financial education
  • microenterprise
  • workforce training

Areas of Expertise

​​​​​​Recent Writing & Media 

Press Release: Experts of Color Letter on Supreme Court Nomination (Quoted source)
February 18  2016

Press Release: Experts of Color Letter to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Flint Water Crisis (Quoted source)
February 3, 2016 blog post (Co-Authored by Susan Tachau & Joe Wykowski)
​June 10, 2015 blog Post (Co-Authored by Susan Tachau)
March 25, 2015

Huffington Post Article (Co-Authored by Susan Tachau)
December 22, 2014

Huffington Post Article (Co-Authored by Susan Tachau)
September 18, 2014

Skills for America's Future at the Aspen Institute Webinar
May 20, 2014, (Host and Coordinator)

Skills for America's Future at the Aspen Institute Webinar
May 6, 2014 (Host and Coordinator)

Skills for America's Future at the Aspen Institute Webinar
April 3, 2014 (Host and Coordinator)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Op-ed (Author)
December 6, 2013

Grainger/Skills for America's Future Playbook (Coordinator)
National Journal Interview (Interview Subject)
​August 16, 2013

Skills for America's Future at the Aspen Institute Webinar
September 12, 2012 (Host and Coordinator)

Over 20+ years in the poverty-alleviation field, Rene has built a large professional network of advocates, funders, practitioners and researchers.  

Rene has directed multi-site programs, provided technical assistance to organizations seeking to run new programs and studied and observed many more.

Rene has written articles, grant applications, reports and how-to guides based on his research and knowledge of various poverty-alleviation and economic development strategies.

Rene is a skilled interviewer and moderator, who has organized and led scores of webinars. meetings and conferences. He is experienced in all phases of effective convening.

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